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保定学院邮编南京灌浆料"Lyu3 bu4 can have today, but the sword to go partial, not lasting, lyu3 bu4 is too strong, day after day, will eat the evil fruit! Scholar yuan don't want to forget the death of Qin II. Zhuge liang shook his head, to deal with lyu3 bu4, he had a special understanding of lyu3 bu4, and even personally went to changan, of course, know changan, but lyu3 bu4 foreign attitude, not to play, with various means from foreign wealth, over time, nature will cause public anger."Kill!" See each other rushed to the front, guanzhong army morale has not weakened, quickly lost his crossbow, will cut swords out, with wei a sharp drink, three thousand soldiers roared to kill jingzhou army, two military forces before the camp like two torrents collided together.After the qin dynasty, is jin, after all, lyu3 bu4 born bing, will jin as the national name, is also a rule in the moment of choice, but the king obviously can't be satisfied with.

"Poof ~" then see Wei Yan's elite quickly distanced, Three or five people form a small group, looks like each other, but secretly echoed each other, a jingzhou soldiers rushed up with a shield, haven't had time to wave a knife, arm was chopped off, followed by a chopping sword quickly across each other's throat, someone easily snatched the vine shield from his hand, followed by the top.Listen to tardif behind the cry, guan yu surface sink like water, with the soldiers continue to rush, but in the heart is silent malicious, wait for him to raise the wound, must kill this fellow personally.Thousands of arrows, an icy cluster of arrows tearing the air, has been shot instantly, in the continuous stuffy noise, wei's brows are wrinkled, the cluster of arrows could not shoot through each other's rattan shield, although also caused casualties, but with the imagination of mowing grass harvesting head scene is much worse.保定学院邮编Is there any life left?

保定学院邮编Chen to but follow liu bei in RuNa, is also one of liu bei's top generals, Chen to a death, liu bei heart big timid, but worried about the impact of the zhuge liang zheng shu event, so there is no time to send intelligence into shu, but under the advice of cui zhou ping, shrink the line of defense."Zi Yi." Tracing the cause and looked at tardif."What about jun?" Asked Zhuge Liang, closing his eyes.

He will withdraw from the song, reorganize the army, and then with jiangdong military forces.As for the Chengdu families who were not involved, At the moment has been a collective silence, with the status of lu zheng in chengdu more and more consolidated, the influence of the family in chengdu and even the whole shu are constantly weakened, originally lu zheng means is moderate, but after that event, lu zheng after the means shown, but make these people of the family cold."Array of guns! Stabbing!" As the two armies began to contact, shout ShaSheng gradually intense, a pike pierced, but was blocked by the other side's rattan shield, but followed by the screaming arrow cluster after the loss of rattan shield protection, casualties began to intensify, and the front line also with the contact between the two sides, gradually elongated, two military forces began to enter into a melee.保定学院邮编




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