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贾晓烨主持人照片图|洗目活眼素Without giving CAI yan time to reply, lu put on his clothes and went out of the academy with the official document: "come, let the government of fa zhengdao meet me.""The deer... "Sima lang said these two words, a body of energy exhausted, silently hung down the head, family revenge not reported, unfulfilled ambition, but died here, sima lang unwilling.Looking at the banner of yuan zi still fluttering high in the city, lu kuang's mood did not improve, but became even worse. It was not lv bu, that is to say, ye city itself was in chaos first, but it was chosen at such a critical moment.

< / p > < p > on the other side, taishoufu, lv bu looked at the jia xu suddenly confused over: "text and what?" Didn't you go to the law and sort out the equalization system and pass it around to the states and counties? Why are you here?"Good, you've managed to irritate me. Rest assured, this is just an appetizer, a warm-up, and then something more exciting. Who told you to stop, trigger once, someone, teach her how to do the pushups, yes, just do it, the action should be up to standard, because it's the first time, you are lucky, only fifty times, the next time, the punishment is double."贾晓烨主持人照片图|"Don't be so serious, you are so obedient, can let me very embarrassed, how can I find a space to punish you?" Looking at a group of women, lv bu shook his head sigh way, a group of women immediately more hard.

贾晓烨主持人照片图|Jingjin sound, yuan jun began to retreat in relief, on the wall, jia xu looked at the other side of the formation, turned his head toward the side of the ma dai way: "but also tired general once, ready to go out of the city to pursue the enemy!""Big deal? Youth shake head to sigh a way: "master lu bu to far, the misappropriation of jingzhou, now, it seems, is tightly sealed, this way can see, the people are rich, but do not break again tough qi, bureaucracy qingming, officials and harmony, I jiangdong as well, for now, don't think the world united lyu3 bu4, a total review is associated with lyu3 bu4, outbred recent attack, not necessarily any time makes sense, I Jiang Dongre really take jingzhou, master ever wondered how to face north to the teacher of the tiger?""Brother, now that cao cao has won the battle of guandu, I am afraid that this land of runan is not a place to stay for a long time, so I need to find a place to go as soon as possible." Guan yu changed the topic.

Lyu3 bu4 ran, suddenly heard the wind from behind, hand painting ji back China days to find out, will each other to long live, move in the heart, the day painting ji, with small branches hang long live, also ignore lu xiang yuan tan in the direction of the target suddenly to party day painting ji, was stuck on branchlets roaring out of the pike, left behind it a trail in the air.But HuGuan the fighting direction has attracted the attention of the lyu3 bu4, falling, grant zhang he dumped d's army, but near the HuGuan meet with pound, the soldiers outside HuGuan, a fireworks, in the end, the field adverse circumstances, zhang he will pound injures, the army has been brought by the pound military forces routed, and falling in grant together, with more than eight thousand residual forces before d and pound eventually encircle, fled into the taihang mountains, there is no news.Liu ye shook his head and followed yue xi into the horse farm, where he saw cao cao, guo jia, xun you and a group of generals pointing around a dead horse.贾晓烨主持人照片图|




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