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一对一宠文|弹性地砖< / p > < p > liu bei this expedition, nanyang thirty thousand jingbing but liu bei's family, this time was almost brought out, also can see liu bei's attention to this battle, this nanyang jingbing, but guan yu is trained, although cao jun is equally elite, but guan yu does not think his jingbing on the variance.Cao cao with a group of princes, rushed to xingyang, the military has been assembled."I'll go, commander." Lv meng took zhou yu by the hand and said in a deep voice, "there is no lv meng and no commander in jiangdong!"

"General, look." "What's that?After cao cao, xun you shook his head and smiled, saying, "Lord xuande's words are wrong. As an uncle of a great man, Lord xuande himself represents the imperial unification."There are still good generals in the army, ready to go with cao gong a view, or some preparation. Liu bei smiled and said, his army is still parked in the area of funiu mountain, not so soon to start a war, to see lu bu is secondary, he also wanted to see how cao cao's army, if this battle can defeat lu bu, then the next his biggest enemy, is cao cao.一对一宠文|"Be." Fu DE hurriedly promised a voice, followed zhuge liang into the house, zhang fei some helpless to see two people leave the back, stride away.

一对一宠文|< / p > < p > look at the cao cavalry constantly approaching, only a thousand crossbow soldiers have been unable to suppress the enemy with the range, and the speed of the infantry is difficult to shake off the cavalry, looking at the cavalry and rear cao infantry gradually pull away from the distance, gao shun immediately li drink.As for the official goods is simple, salt and iron are belong to folk ban the sale of things, even if lyu3 bu4, now get out of the refined salt, purified and had my own salt lake, but the trade, still be molded in the hands of lyu3 bu4, including some xiaohong, research of new consumer goods, are sold through official caravan, without official permission, the monopoly is absolutely not allowed to personal selling.At this time, the officers and men in charge of the guard outside the city sounded the horn. Zhou yu heard the sound and his face suddenly changed. I had no idea that zhuge liang's reinforcements had come so soon.

"Have the thistles thrown down to me." Looking at the pair of legs exposed to the wooden armor, but with the protection of the wooden armor, it is difficult to accurately hit the arrow, even if occasionally, hundreds of wooden beasts ten thousand legs, a dozen or twenty were shot down is not the overall situation.Another soldier quickly ran to the edge of the beacon tower, wang below to see the past, just now the noise is coming from here.Want to break bureau, break these old family to shu zhong monopolize, expect liu zhang to be able to see clear reality besides, use all sorts of means to fight with old family like liu yan kind step by step besides, can seek foreign aid only.一对一宠文|




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