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红利发放日东莞家具批发Yang song bowed his head and said, "the general situation is over. The enemy has no siege equipment, but the crossbow is enough to suppress our army.If unfortunately is separate which existed all the way to send it to the hands, the world will not for a while, and the news has been spread in xuchang, I'm afraid it won't be long before, the governors are more or less will have some news, at that time, the mind of the governors, I'm afraid will be different, lyu3 bu4 suddenly found that the separate still don't appear good, separate out, cao cao can not find people, said any way governors even lyu3 bu4 can separate came to her side, was appointed to the king."See the Lord! Class head by a group of monks gas not light, see someone ask, not good gas want to drink scold, just when see lv bu of time, not from frighten a jump, a group of people hurriedly kneel down.

Hundreds of who, as CAI commanded, roared from all directions, rushed into the house of kuai isn't high walls, simply stop these peak sexually ducale, kuai home also have assume widely, but in the face of brutal CAI who, on these fundamental not assume how widely the opponent on the battlefield, immediately killed shaky, someone want to surrender, but CAI has the killing, whether men or women, old or young, kuai home, as long as it is the living, you have to kill.Listening to what they said, cao cao was even more upset. He turned his head and looked around at xun yu, who had been silent all along."Do your own thing." Lu waved and left with lu zheng and jia xu, leaving a group of monks looking at the direction of lu bu's departure.红利发放日Zhang lu did not let pang tong disappointed, two people talk, two horses from the south zheng both sides of the fight, from the two wings to wei yan encirclement.

红利发放日...< / p > < p > when the public came to the city wall, xia houyuan's chongcheng car is less than 50 paces away from the fortifications, the god of war crossbow has been turned off, even the crossbow, platoon crossbow continuously shot out, but all that chongcheng car baffle was blocked.However, although zhaoyun defeated the main force of gongsundu and the class division returned to the dynasty, liaodong was not completely pacify. When zhang liao sent people to occupy liaodong, they were fiercely resisted by gongsundu's son gongsun kang and the local noble families.

"Maybe." Pang tong nodded silently and suddenly looked at xu shu and said, "shi yuan, I don't regret it."'the end is near! Wei yue came forward and bowed.ChengTou garrison had no preparation, arrows rain poured a ruthless, not an arrow in the soldiers could rejoice, the second wave, the third wave of arrows rain followed, shrieks instant diffuses over the whole wall, timely analytically by Yang Bo, etc when britons looked up, only a scalp pins and needles, but see over the wall, in addition to a few and they hid themselves in the soldiers survived under the battlements, the whole wall at the moment was almost empty, the other side of the bolt were so horrible.红利发放日




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