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曾宝玲|搜了网"Go!" D will gun a lead, with the troops murderous toward the burning when the camp to kill."Why ask?" XiongKuoHai careless way: "heard that marten is a member of the general, d talent, can be praised by the tetrarch, must be extraordinary, qiang people against the brave, ma's father and son will naturally get qiang people's support."

Poof poof poof ~Others are incredible to xun yu.If it is a normal day, I'm afraid lombardi will not agree to lyu3 bu4, A zhong yao, also don't let lombardi pay so much, but now is different, yuan cao war is coming, lombardi may have the strength to play lyu3 bu4, but cao cao never this distraction, if yuan cao war, lyu3 bu4 suddenly from the guanzhong, cao cao is absolutely deadly blow to cao cao, otherwise cao cao will not fail after zhong yao, choose to placate lyu3 bu4.曾宝玲|"Bo Zhan, make Ming, two generals can go out of the city with general meng qi, remember to be cautious!" Marotta or some don't trust, he heard about the situation that night, d this temper if violent, regardless of the army.

曾宝玲|"Chase!" Wei Yanleng hum 1, although zhong yao side of the army has not much left, but if you can capture zhong yao, that is the greatest feat, how can he give up, the two men together, turned toward hanoi.Looking at the head of the huns leader, lyu3 bu4 corners of the mouth a grin, exposed two rows of white teeth, the huns in front of the frightened to sit on the ground.Countless qiang people around looking at the moonlight, majestic lyu3 bu4, see his eyes sweep, all unconsciously will look away.

"Brother Yang, take it easy." Giffin smiled and waved. "Brother Yang doesn't have to be paranoid," he said. "My master came here to show his sincerity. He only brought a team of Qinwei, less than a hundred people."Smoke billowing, leading to Mei county road, Pound on horseback to catch up with d, sink a track.I don't know how long, Maybe just a moment, maybe an hour, or a day, or longer, lyu3 bu4 finally woke up from the feeling as if wandering too empty, a stench irritating his nose, vaguely, can feel two pairs of soft hands rubbing his body, ears also faintly familiar with the sound.曾宝玲|




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