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航母核心材料曝光好时威一氧化氮"Here!" Lieutenant smell speech, hurriedly promised 1, with people downtown, to collect straw."You are quite familiar with military affairs, temporarily leading, training military forces." Zhong yao sink a track."Master idea is good, but impractical." Marotta shook his head.

"Kill!" D eyes, flashed a faint cold light, make no secret of his intention to kill the candidate, if not for the bastard, even Mei county hay was burned, oneself also have now stood in the city of huaili, enjoy the fruits of victory, rather than like a lost dog like now connect to the hay of the armed forces can't get out.Nice figure."Tell cao cao, I want to levy the post of general west, holding section of the guanzhong, west cool, with the power to open the house, should be appointed by officials, all by the general, the court can't interfere."航母核心材料曝光

航母核心材料曝光"Now zhong yao united west cool, Side by side, But actually, Jun now in the three auxiliary is the weakest side, Cao cao is far away in xuchang, for the guanzhong, instead is marten Korea hence, is the enemy of our army in the future, zhang embroidery, you go to assemble cavalry, and will be able to mobilize the whole army of horses to me to assemble, be sure to let our cavalry double, to the west cool army, first of all can't be weak, have to dismount, let them know, our army can't make light. " Lyu3 bu4 ignored the words of Chen Gong, looked at Zhang Xiudao."This matter put aside, marten is dead, with a d alone is not qualified to compete with me in the west cool, sent someone to receive the city, Zhang Bang Anmin, now how many cities our army occupies?" Korea hence shook his head, if not afraid of the horse's father and son in the qiang people's reputation, how can he let marten constantly grow over the years, and his share of the west cool.At this point, Korea hence will tonight things over, in the heart can't help but regret, after all, or their carelessness, although know lyu3 bu4 can't let their unified west cool, will certainly go to war, but didn't expect lyu3 bu4 unexpectedly willing to send his chief counselor to the front.

"Here!" Han De smell speech, hurriedly rode away, soon, a moon people general led down to lyu3 bu4 in han De."Yes." Chen palace went forward, sink a track: "not long ago, wei yan sent a message, cao cao to cao peng as general, rate of five thousand, now stationed in xinfeng county, in addition to the new nationalities captain zhong yao persuaded the west cool Korea hence, marten, a total of forty thousand, marten eldest son d as handsome, now has entered hong nong, within ten days, can arrive at jingzhao.""Wen-hsiang, how is our army recruiting today?" Seibel pinched his eyebrows, su rong asked.航母核心材料曝光





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