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殷佳心|安全阀校验台价格"What are our weaknesses?" Zhang fei stared.As for the mountain, obviously not realistic, hay trench is a difficult problem to solve."Life you two people immediately rushed to danyang, meet tracing the cause of the army, against guan yu, this war, our army can no longer lose!" Sun quan solemnly way.

"Take it off!" Xiongkuo sea cold swept a glance at the pale Li Hun, cold track."General, afraid of what he does? He again fierce, can't the guanzhong military forces really can't, male broad sea, not afraid to tell you, I wait here tonight, is to capture lu zheng, if you know, give me immediately, when the emperor uncle in shu, say no, can also protect you a rich, otherwise...""What? Come on, gather the horses!" Xie Yun a surprised, hurriedly ordered people to assemble military forces, when the wall is narrow, how can five thousand troops suddenly gathered together, have not yet wait for military orders to convey, Wang Shuangyi surprised with five hundred soldiers on the wall.殷佳心|The one hundred and fifth chapter chengdu undercurrent (2)

殷佳心|"Yes!" Pound smell speech, can't help but clap his hands and smile, this method, don't need to consume people and military forces, can be prepared for a long time Li Yan trenches completely destroyed, in the heart can't help but sigh, no wonder the main guild to wei as handsome, not without reason.The reputation of castration that is lyu3 bu4 to press on zhang fei's head, Zhang Fei used to like to add that Zhang Yide, a Yanren, was here or something, Later lyu3 bu4 direct misinterpretation, later is to make nightingale spread all over the world, also calculated to quote the goods to his nickname, these years, zhang fei long time no such self-reported, all this, said also have to owe to lyu3 bu4, but also zhang fei heart forever pain."No, we shouldn't have had an accident because we had mental arithmetic." Ma shook his head, in fact, his heart at the moment also have no bottom, rashly angry words, really have a high success rate, but if the news leaked, the other party had already prepared to do?

Just about to let someone recruit him in, suddenly a movement in the heart, thought of today lu zheng suddenly secretly followed him to camp, the heart can not help but a movement, sink a track: "let him way big tent wait for me, said I have fallen asleep, dressed up to see him.""Command the soldiers of all armies, and after three days, after three days of amendment, we will muster up our strength and break the Yin Mausoleum!" Take a deep breath, will inadvertently fill the chest of the murderous press down, soldiers need to trim, since found the intention of jiangdong, guan yu nature can't let them, although three days long, but enough to let the men recover."General, I'll get rid of them!" Xing Daorong got up, ready to go out again, but was stopped by guan yu.殷佳心|





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