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藤沢安奈|黑彝痔神Green Dragon Crescent Moon Blade carries a blade fog, slay hard on halberd front, Dang of a zheng sound, tardif and guan yu at the same time a shock, their wrong horse, then tardif a strange python turned over, hit the back of guan yu, dragon crescent moon knife from the bottom up, dragging a blue arc, two weapons collided in the air, quickly bounce off, rushed out of their respective after several zhangs, rebound to war horse.Zhang Fei is like a sharp blade, With his own personal guard constantly in the other side of the army ripped open a gap, Zhang Ren was in command, constantly commanding the soldiers quickly to make up for Zhang Fei's tear, Shouting ShaSheng accompanied by the splash of blood, Over time, the more intense, Zhang Fei clashed several times, With courage, to and fro in the midst of the enemy, But zhang ren shu army although not as elite as wei yan military forces, but the military forces he commanded for a long time, mobilized such as arms, although momentum was suppressed by zhang fei, but exceptionally tough, zhang fei several times want to break through the encirclement to cut will seize the flag have failed to succeed, but almost let himself in the encirclement, then dare not rashly break into the array."Since you want to die, then close a will give you a ride!" Guan yu cold hum 1, urged the horses, watchful looking at tardif hand carved bow, the other side of martial arts, not to mention, but the archery, it is unstoppable.

The flames of the sky with countless screams spread in the trenches, filled the eyes of the soldiers on both sides, even if the shooting sound battalion soldiers how well-trained, well-equipped also can not resist the erosion of the flames."Absurd!" Ma Su sneered: "Frontline strategist and Pang Shiyuan are now in a stalemate, who wins and who loses is unknown.""No." Wei shook his head.藤沢安奈|"Guan Yu, dog thief, bring your life!" Tardif turned the horse's head, again pick off the crescent moon halberd, back again rushed to guan yu, as long as guan yu died, jingzhou army without a leader, just by tracing the cause of the military forces.

藤沢安奈|The one hundred and second chapter dragon sing fengming (I)Opposite the camp, guan yu don't know lu su's idea, although jiangdong army has been on the verge of collapse, but jingzhou army brought by guan yu these days, although has been winning, high morale, but the manpower is poor, no matter how high morale, also can't eliminate the fatigue brought about by days of combat, soldiers need to rest.As a result, early in the morning of the fourth day, Guan yu attack, the speed of the city, even guan yu himself some Meng, guarding city soldiers panic on the city, the result has not yet stood firm, the wall has been taken by guan yu, lu su just finished wearing, guan yu has broken the gates, into the city, and know the other side of the reason for so lax defense, guan yu also have a feeling of crying and laughing.

Ma silently listened, set off a storm in the heart, hard to imagine, a young man in his early teens, unexpectedly have such a rich experience, more difficult to imagine, lyu3 bu4 unexpectedly willing to throw his son to the battlefield."Tomorrow morning, a few soldiers on the march." Zhuge liang sighed, sink a track.Tardif returned to the tune, and Heqi hurriedly greeted him. "How about that?"藤沢安奈|





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