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与灰原哀的h生活|黑耀乌发宝"Brother wencheng, the CAI family is not the only one in xiangyang." Stand up, kuai yue put down the book, turned to see zhang yun way: "you shouldn't come."With these words, he untied his sword from his waist, dropped his weapon on the ground, and walked silently to the outside of the camp.Luneng and ma tie also killed from the two wings at the same time, the intensive arrows will kill the cao army of the river of blood, in the case of enough distance, lu bu army crossbow is definitely a big kill weapon.

"Be." Xia houyuan promised to follow cao cao into the hall."Not yet." Yang bo shook his head, just got the news, in addition to know that the other side just broke yangpingguan not long ago, other information, they are also confused.Chapter 15 the nightingale与灰原哀的h生活|"Always, you have today!" Gao shunping in the face of indifference, at the moment flashed a touch of deep hatred, at the beginning, is the old man bewitch the Lord, make the Lord lost the city lost territory, almost died in xuzhou, nearly a year of life.

与灰原哀的h生活|After lyu3 bu4 over-run shu, is ready to king seal countries, regardless of the court allowed not allowed, then the lyu3 bu4 go there, although has not been proclaimed himself, but as long as the king, the got up, the framework of statutes will be more perfect, the same foreign appeal is increases, there will be more outside school, religion into the central plains."Poop-poop ~"Chen qun frowns a wrinkle, has the news spread?

"We are a delegation of baiji emissaries who have come to see the emperor of the han dynasty and present their credentials. The stranger kneels humbly on the ground, touching his forehead in the snow, and his voice is full of sadness: "I also hope that the emperor of the han dynasty can give way to my three han people.""Each has his merits." Tracing the cause wanted to think, in fact, he knew, among other places, and then take the changan, jiangdong combined several county city I'm afraid not, not to mention that all the nations to the weather, more than jiangdong comparable, but as people, wu also come in different can only be used to describe at the moment, even if lyu3 bu4 wise, he can also quoting, will be referred to the height of the flush with changan jiangdong."Your majesty, my minister for han, no selfish at all, hope your majesty clear decision!" Flat on the floor, hoarse.与灰原哀的h生活|




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